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Search Engine WebSite Page Rank

Do you know what is the page rank for your website?

Online page rank tools calculate the page rank for pages based on a page rank algorithm that takes into account the inbound and outbound links to and from your website.

When people search for websites, they search for specific things, or terms that exist on your website. Search engines use the page rank weights to rank the search results. But this does not always correspond to the truth, your business may be better and more well established than others, but yet, your website is ranked lower than other websites.

Page rank is crucial for doing business since the favorite search engine that your users trusts refer your business in a lower rank than others. 

Do the SEO services you purchased have an impact on your page rank? In most of the cases, you approach service providers for Search Engine Optimization services to optimize your website in a attempt to increase your page rank in the search results - and these services are not cheap. But since the competition out there is high, most of the people do the same thing - they buy SEO services to increase their page rank. Since every body incorporate SEO services, how do you measure the effects of your action, did those services increased your page rank? Were there effective?


So, taking those into account, what is your page rank when people search for what you do in the internet? When people search on the internet they use one of the major search engines, such as Yahoo, Google or Bing. When people search for you - by you we mean your business, what you do - they will eventually find you and reach your business. But this is not the common case...

When people search on the internet, they do not search for you, they search for what you do!

But the key words people use are limited (coming from a vocabulary). The businesses on the other hand tend to be more than the key words and they are doing the same things described by the same keywords. So when others out there tend to do the same thing, how the people will reach you? You are unique, but what you do is not, many others tend to do the same thing! What differentiate you is not only the price but also the quality of the services or products you offer.

Yahoo, Google or Bing Search engines

For example there are many florists selling flowers and many of them have websites. When people search for your website they will find it. But when people will search for flower shops near them, have you ever wondered, what is the rank of your website in the search results?

So, people search for the key terms that describe your business!!! And they choose among the results on the top 3 pages offered by the search engines' results. So is your website on the top 3 pages?

This tool is a part of the SEO toolbox NetBrood uses, in order to provide SEO services that have effect - judging by the results. We have extracted the core functionality and created this stand alone application for you to check the page rank of your website, when you search for the key terms that identify your business.

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